Los alumnos de  1ºESO y de 6º EP hemos realizado una actividad conjunta,  “Amigos por carta”. Los alumnos de 1º  escribimos una carta y se la damos  a una clase de 6º. Pasado un tiempo, ellos nos escriben una respuesta.
En esta actividad aprendes a escribir una carta y aprendemos a esperar, saber que no todo es inmediato y que  cuando recibas la carta te va a hacer  ilusión, porque siempre vas a tener esperanza de que vas a obtener una respuesta.

Mencía Suárez Fernández  de. Córdoba  .1ESO D

 This consists in developing our writing in English and getting to know people of 1st of ESO of our school.
First of all , two of them came to give us the letters in a mail box . They wrote us a letter with an introduction of themselves . It was really exciting to receive a letter of a person that we didn’t know.
Secondly , we wrote them back answering all the questions and telling them a little bit about us . Then we went to deliver our letters to their class . This was really exciting because we were going to meet the person who wrote us. We met our penpals and chatted a bitwith them and talked more about each other.
This was a really good experience and we hope to still be friends with our PenPals through the years.

Teresa Egea. Marina Abad. Pamela M’betingamba.

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